Monday, May 15, 2017

Peer Pressure 

I have been telling myself I'll start blogging next week, or next month, or over the summer; sometime soon, when I have more time. Well, sometime soon just arrived, and I am shoving myself out into this new adventure by committing to a group of fellow bloggers. There is nothing quite like peer pressure to motivate a procrastinator like myself. But I am truly excited to join and learn from a group of tech coaches who share my passion for technology integration. Coaching can be a lonely business, and I am thrilled to connect and share with others who are doing similar work. So today, with the help of Katie Siemer at ISTE, I am taking my first baby step into the blogosphere. Thanks for the inspiration, Katie! And thanks for the badge! I am, all about the BLING! 
For more information about Blogging Buddies, check out Jennifer Hogan's "Compelled Blogger Tribe.